Atheros has outstanding contributions in semi conductor system solutions. With cost effective, efficient and consistent effort, atheros has been able to reach the pinnacle in the field of highly integrated chipsets .With a team of expertise professionals Atheros has come up with the latest 802.11 wifi chipset which would increase the performance of atheros considerably and exceptionally in the global market.Atheros has also become the pioneer by launching first 3 stream 802.11n wifi chipset. With being the most viable and promising company, atheros used all the exceptional enhancements that created a boost for the chipset.


The 802.11n wifi chipset had three multiple input and multiple out put antennas. And the antennas turned to the same channel would enhance the Performance. Under a spectral channel, the multiple spatial streams helps in data flow rate go high and thus it increases the efficiency phenomenally. The complete chipset helps in enhancing the video and other streaming media. Moreover to improve the quality video transmission, the packet loss and latency can be checked by the chipset.


With the rapid increase in the applications like IPTV, high definition gaming and lot more, the need of an intensive wi fi chipset to ensure a glitch free connection is at uttermost priority. Thus the extensive performance of 802.11n wifi chipset has contributed to get speed of 450 Mbps over the video over wireless network. There is a huge demand of bandwidth due to the increase in applications and 802.11n has been able to cater all of the needs in the most cost effective way. It has also widened its support from consumer to enterprise level, and has contributed significantly to get the most out of the wifi networks. It has also been able to love up to the expectation of many by its reliable platform.


  • The packet loss in the transmission ruins the experience of entertainment and therefore the 802.11n wifi chipset would bring measures to get most reliable, resilient connection that would cater to all the glitches being faced in the present. The complete experience of watching videos or audios over the IPTV and other application could be improved by wifi chipset and it would help in exponential increase in the quality of the applications.
  • The subsequent three video streams over the connection minimizes the interference and data loss while transmission. Therefore in video applications, the 3 stream helps in maintaining the quality and the removes the video and audio glitches.
  • Widening the scopes to commercial applications, the 802.11n wifi chipset accelerates the performance of enterprise access pints and network routers.
  • The high end consumer routers and enterprise access points use the feature of concurrent dual band, which multiplies the bandwidth and in turn help the consumers with the liberty of greater dedicated bandwidths.

Atheros would unwrap the benefits of it by its effective implementation in wifi connections and would make some drastic changes. It would exceptionally enhance the wifi performances in the near future.