Google is planning to make a major push in the social networking arena; Google introduced a new system called Google Me which would compete in the same space as Facebook. Facebook can Open Graph Search launching, and giving Facebook the ability to semantically create searches, it wouldn’t surprised if Google ditched Orkut in the U.S. for a possibly more popular option, which keeping the very active site alive in Brazil and India where it’s a popular alternative to Facebook.

There’s lots of speculation going around that Google Me will threaten Facebook but there is some doubts, because Google continues to be among the least social companies and that makes it hard to be a leader in a marketplace where you do not really participate. No one at Google is denying that it is working on something to protect its ad dollars means something that will bring people together in perfect and private harmony and theories are already abounding that what type of product might the putative Google Me might really be. May be it something that offers more privacy, more simply?

It may be a product that allows you, unlike Facebook, to carry your data wherever you wish and it even be so daring as to, again unlike Facebook, graciously permit you to delete your account with just a straightforward click or two, with your data automatically being deleted from Google’s labyrinth of information boxes in the sky.

Facebook VS Google social

From the creation of Facebook, has grown at an astounding rate, now Google has been left frantically trying to figure out how to remain at the top. The popular social networking website is Facebook who has taken over country after country, ensuring that other social networking sites like MySpace, Bebo and StudiVZ become a thing of the past. Now Google began its battle against Facebook with a social networking and discussion site called Orkut, which was double the size of Facebook at this time in last year. But, in just a year- Facebook has put Orkut (and Google) to shame by capturing an audience that totals over 500 million, while Orkut only has 28 million users.

Now Google refuses to talk about its secret project which is currently underway called Google Me and this new service is rumored to allow users to connect with each other through Google Profiles and when Google Me is launched, Google hopes that it will be bigger than Facebook. Tt’s really very difficult to decide whether Google or Facebook will win this battle, because Google Me has not even been launched yet, so the only thing we can base our judgment on is Google’s previous inadequate efforts. And for Facebook, it’s vey hard to imagine anything that would be more popular, then facebook, except when you sit back and remember the social networking site that seemed to take over the younger generation for awhile- MYSPACE.