The speed of the GPU can be increased by a lot of tweaks that can be applied. It is something like F-1 cars where a small tweak can makes a small but noticeable difference. This difference gives a small boost. These small changes help you blast off to the first position. A new series of Radeon is quite far away, but it seems quite impressive for the graphics world of the processor big shot AMD. This Christmas Radeon is heading for a big blast; let’s see what’s coming up.

The Hype of the Tick-Tock Thingy

As each day the technology grows, so does the advancements in the CPUs and GPUs. Each day you have a better version and you opt to switch to it. The new processors are now small with reduced hot-spots. Now, in the wafer, you would be getting more GPUs.

Lately, when Radeon had its R600/ Radeon 200 version, its rival nVidia was on the top at every price range. The only thing good in this period of time was the ATI’s Radeon 2400. The team of ATI made this graphic card a lot cheaper in cost and smaller in size as compared to its rival card produced by nVidia. The price difference was not huge. It was only of about $5 but this helped ATI grab a great deal of business with one the biggest system producers of the world. An example of this is Lenovo.

AMD Aiming High

The question is that will AMD be able to produce its new cards, the Radeon 6000 series, under the technology of 28nm transistor size. It does not seem that ATI would ever want to do it. Looking all the way back when graphic card producing companies started this business they have been striving hard to make their processors with a new technology. As compared to this the processor producing giant, Intel, have been earning a huge sum through their simple strategy of “Tick-Tock”.

What is Tick-Tock Strategy?

Tick-Tock is a simple strategy that Intel has implied over the years. This strategy has worked wonders for the processor giants and would continue doing so. They do by making a improving upon an existing processor by shrinking it and introducing it as a new processor. They also make other tweaks like changing transistor sizes and all to enhance the performance. This process is called a Tick. Then after this Intel shows off a new architecture of their processor which definitely proves to be a lot more powerful than the existing ones and this is the Tock part of the strategy.

AMD Trying To Beat Tick-Tock

Whenever a new generation of graphic cards comes out in the market, the complexity of the technology is increased. With this increased risk AMD would never want to try this when already nVidia is eating up a big share. So to know whether AMD will launch its 28nm technology for the Radeon 6000 series, we can think about this. I believe the official of the AMD would make a statement of porting the Radeon HD 5000 series graphic card to the 28nm technology. They plan to achieve a big milestone with this.