My quest to change the appearance of Window 7 enabled me to know that desktop appearance can be customized by a good number of people.

A bit of effort and time is about all you need to get your desire desktop appearance. You can get a good number of themes at no cost.

The new toolbar at the top

Call it a goodie; you won’t be wrong. Your normal start menu and windows taskbar is enhanced by this innovation. It goes with the name, Rocketdock.

You can put it at any point on the screen when you are making use of it. You can make it automatically hidden when you are not using it. It appearance can be given a different look. Just like windows taskbar, all its shortcuts require is dragging and dropping.

Customizing each icon is a possibility. Infact, I replaced all my icons on DeviantArt with a set of beautiful white icons.

The dock’s Position, transparency, size and animation are adjustable. Your desktop will stand miles away from others in attraction with the aid of Rocketdock.

Overall Color and theme change

Window explorer’s shell can be given any style by customization though it takes some effort.

ThaImpact was the theme I opted for. Its futuristic and grey look is irresistible to me . For a comprehensive list of simple images you can choose from, assess the website. A good number of options available are:

New looking start menu, attractive taskbar, a bigger clock, progress bars with a new look scroll bars, better rounded windows, animations and context menus.

Getting it to work

Changing the layout of your screen and menus is perhaps a customization difficult to carryout. The guide below will help:

You need a theme, download a new one- DeviantArt will help you with some fascinating ones.

You system can be customized with themes with the aid of a patch. This program will ensure that changes to necessary files are effected appropriately. I made use of Uxtheme Patcher.

The theme’s direction should be followed. Looking into taking ownership of your system files may be an option if there is no theme’s direction. In order not to be denied making changes, your files must be open to admin access.

You may not be required to alter your system files when making changes to existing themes. A little tinkering to the system files will be needed for a serious change, however.

Original files’ backup copies should be well kept in the event that a fault is detected. Your system/windows folder should be use to replace any file that is required.

The computer should be restarted; after which the personalized theme in the desktop menu can be applied.