Apple is on the verge of launching a new Apple TV this year to compete with the Google merchandise. For those who believed that Apple would stop innovating with the entertainment industry after the launch of Apple TV box, here is the answer to all, the new Apple TV based on cloud computing to give a run for its money to Google TV also.

Earlier Apple had launched Apple TV which was an unprecedentedly designed box with a hard disk of 160 GB which could record your TV shows, and play live TV when connected to a television screen. Compared to the other TV boxes, the picture quality provided by Apple’s box was very high and could be matched to Blu-Ray, though Apple doesn’t support Blu-Ray. Then came the Google TV which was based on cloud computing and became an instant hit. With no requirement of recording the shows and movies, the problem of providing a higher storage device was solved and the sales of Apple TV dropped in greater number. Google TV was ever growing in numbers and the war between Apple and Google was getting intense, with speculations that Apple could launch a new innovative technology based on cloud computing for its entertainment foray Apple TV.

Everybody thought this was a rumor and called it the marketing bluff of Apple. But Apple replied strongly and announced of launching a new Apple TV in 2010 which would offer direct competition to the Google TV. Apple also announced that they are not following Google TV and their research and launch was much before in line to the Google TV. Apple also announced that their new technology is based more closely on their mobile services.

The design of the product would be no doubt monotonous in aluminum with superior quality work and innovative designs. The product would be fitted with the latest Apple Operating System 4, while it would be running on the super fast A4 CPU, which is also used in the iPad and the son to be launched iPhone 4. While the box would have limited amount of flash storage, 16GB to be precise, with 1080i picture quality capability. Think it’s a bluff, nope its just superior engineering by Apple’s technician. The memory is kept low, as the device would be based on cloud computing. A new beginning for Apple, by foraying into a new dimension of computing, and the real shocker is that it will be priced just 99$, another pricing gimmick by Apple.

Not only television viewings and movies, the box would also be enabled to use Apple’s applications. That’s a new in entertainment industry. But unlike Google TV, the Apple TV wont play Flash based videos or web sites, related to Apples concern for Flash contents. Many have tagged the product as the new iPhone without the screen, where the screen would be the Giant Television.

If any one said that the entertainment and digital television would not be a battle ground, here they are truly proved wrong by Apple and Google.