Myriad amounts of eBook have already been uploaded on the Internet, and now to add to the flavor eBook Readers have started flooding the market. And they are throwing the hard copies to the dust bins, the number of book readers are constantly decreasing compared to the surge in the sales of eBook Readers.

An eBook reader or an E-reader is a electronic device specifically designed to read eBook. These electronic devices are very handy and are mobile also. These devices can be charged anywhere. These devices can hold our whole library and still won’t consume any space. And in this where mostly all the library are available in digital format, E-readers are the way to go.

A day before the launch of iPad, Sony announced the launch of a new eBook reader in Japan. Japan is also the home ground for Sony. Related to the eBook industry, Sony also announced to launch an eBook enterprise. Sony commented it is trying to tap in to the revenues from the eBook industries where in online stores would be made available which would contains libraries of digitized copies of many books which includes generals, comics, magazine, articles and even novels. Sony said that it is trying to create a industry in the basis of Music stores where in revenues would be generated, and Sony being the first major entrant would monopolize the market with its unprecedented expertise in marketing and service also. They are trying to create a market for domestic eBook readers.

On the lines of competition Sony’s eBook has to compete with Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iPad and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Earlier Sony had tried to enter a new market into Japan, but all its attempts failed as the market was not ready to pay for eBook. Now when there are many other entrants providing enough competition, Sony has planned to storm in again. But this time it doesn’t want to lose on home turf.

Sony, along with three partners in Japan, each telecom operator KDDI, the newspaper Asahi Shimbun, and Toppan Printing have decided to become the largest EBook distribution service in Japan. All the four enterprises hold 25% stake in the venture.