The most popular video-sharing website – YouTube just had a homepage makeover. The new homepage is now well-organized. You can now find videos easily and keep a track of all your favorite videos.

Following are three new changes on YouTube:

1. A well-organized new homepage

2. New channel design

3. The website is splashed with a new coat of digital paint

When you go to YouTube homepage, you will see a list of categories listed on the left side. This will help you to find videos easily. For instance, if you are looking for a sports video, you can click the ‘Sports’ option or to view the most popular videos, you can click the option ‘Popular’.

YouTube has also given a fresh and bright look to its homepage. The whole website is now coated with new digital paint and the background is no longer white- it is gray in color, if you noticed. YouTube has also increased the size of video thumbnails.

YouTube put this quite excitedly on its blog, “You can browse recommended channels, customize your homepage’s fee d; even link your YouTube account on Google+ and Facebook to see what your friends are sharing. The new homepage feed we launched earlier this year is now front and center on the homepage.”

If you have a YouTube account, you will notice that the moment you login, it now displays all the latest activities you have done on your account. You can now connect to your two favorite social networking sites- Facebook and Google+. You can also share videos with your friends and see what is new with your friends. If you do not have a YouTube account, create it now.