Things have just got better for tablet users, as Notion Ink Adam tablet is set to hit the markets anytime soon this year.

With more features than the iPad, such a megapixel camera, vertical positioning to read likes an e-book and a Pixel Qi’s 3qi LCD display; Notion Ink Adam is certainly going to deliver more than the iPad. Competition seems to be brewing up, since Apple opened up the gates of the tablet. What once seemed to be science fiction is now a technological reality of actually reading your documents and interacting with a touch screen interface.

With a 5 inch touch screen display, Notion Ink Adam provides high resolution HD viewing experience in a 10240 pixel display. Through its ruggedized composite structure, it gives you a sleek and stylish impression while working with it. Moreover, Notion Ink Adam has incorporated ergonomic design with a curved back, which enables users to easily get a hold of the device.

Unlike iPad, Notion Ink Adam has an inclusive megapixel camera which enables you to have video conferences and even take pictures just like a cell phone.

In terms of market penetration Notion Ink Adam stands a good chance of taking advantage of the much hype that has been there in the market with regard to the tablet. There seems to be no other “prominent” competitor other than the fact that proxies keep on popping here and there. However, when Notion Ink Adam hits the market, it is certainly going to create a stir.