Intel has done a great job in the development of the smart TV remote which you can use with your smart TV. The smart TV remote that was introduced by Intel at the annual association for advancement of artificial intelligence can sense the person who is using the remote. It has got some special sensors that can detect the moments of your hand and keep the record of how you use the remote. The remote keeps a tract of your usage of the remote and saves it in its memory. When the next time you take the remote in your hands it can recognize you. The records are made according to the way you press the buttons and the moments you are involved in while using the remote.

How the Remote Works

The accelerometer technology is used in the smart remote made by Intel. The accelerometer actually help shift the screen to the position that a person can easily view. The accelerator collects the information about the motion of the users. It can also tell whether the remote was picked by the right hand or the left hand. Then the accelerator analyzes for how much duration was the button pressed by the user, and was it pressed in a soft manner or a harsh manner. Then the information sent by the accelerator is passed on to the algorithms that analyze different patterns for different users.

Testing by the Intel Researchers

Intel researchers have made several experiments in order to analyze the results and check if the technology is working well or not. Most of the results were good and the remote was able to identify the user using it.

The Intel researchers tested results with hundreds of families. They gave the remotes to the families who consisted of four to five family members and told them to use it turn by turn for a period of more than one week or even a month.

They varied the accuracy of the remote according to the nature of the test. Most of the accuracies varied from 70% to 80% and some were even above it. They gave the people the instructions to properly use it and record their results.

Intel researchers still look for more qualities that can be added to the remote like finding the area of the interest of the person who is using it. The remote can automatically play the game for you that you play most often or it can find the channel for you that you watch more.

But there is a lot more that Intel’s researchers are looking forward to. They have done great job in combining the smart remote with smart TV. Most of their results were good enough and up to the mark. The Intel researchers are still doing more experiments on such devices by using new and different technologies. I think it’s an innovative idea to combine a smart remote with your TV. The remote will minimize your work and you will feel more comfortable.