Google and Bing are two of the most renowned search engines in the world that have been a choice to many users recently. Both the search engine provide excellent services to all the Internet users in order to get to the information that they want. This consisted of websites, images, videos, and a lot more then that only.

The start

The competition was certainly started when with the news coming from Google about the introduction of Google TV somewhere in the last quarter of this year. The video service has been working fine and people from Google are pretty satisfied with the services that they are rendering in the sector.

This statement has aroused in a new sensation in the Microsoft world as well. Microsoft officials have stated to enhance the capabilities of Bing and to redirect it to the entertainment section as well. This would certainly enhance the search engine in order to get the appropriate information about the entertainment world that includes movies, television, music as well as online games available around the world.

Official Statement

The official statement from Microsoft has come from the West Hollywood in presence of some of the American Idol characters. The announcement made was a promise to bring serious updates from around the world of entertainment. Bing would certainly consult even major figures from around the entertainment world to help them through this process.

The reports state that the developers are working on integration where you can easily search all the details for your favorite serials from around the world. Program listing as well as the programs themselves can easily be watched from within the browser through streaming.

Possible outcomes

The first possible outcome of this integration would certainly be a competition between Microsoft’s services related to entertainment and Google TV. This would definitely give users with an excellent experience giving them the type of content that they actually want. Though both the service providers are excellent in whatever they have been producing but still the sense of competition would certainly enhance the product quality by many folds.

Entertainment lovers from all around the world would have certain platforms to help them through grasping information from the world of entertainment. A huge class of people would be attracted towards the announcement’s implementation for it would certainly let them have relaxation from all the work that they do.

One could even expect the integration of Xbox Services in future as both the services are closely related. This prediction could even be made with respect to the statement being released by officials that included the online gaming in the entertainment section as well.

The whole lot of features promised by Google TV and the upcoming fight back from Bing promise to be quality features therefore  promising to bring a whole new sensation attracting great deals of people from around the world in order to get them updates from the entertainment world. In addition, you would certainly not regret that you missed your favorite TV show once you get both these services launched.