It is rest assured that although on one side Intel is enriched with its high plans to graciously hit the market worldwide in another six months and introduce its exceptional Moorestown-based smart phone and on the other side another unbeatable mobile phone namely LG-GW 990 also might have experienced a deadly and forceful competition but that had not effectively stopped Aava from acquiring the best option of offering its much awaited Vitra Android. The Aava Vitra Android mobile phone is essentially reference smart phone that is specifically integrated with an Atom Z600-based feature where an amazing Atom Inside Sticker will be seen gracing the face of a smart phone. This Android cell phone is primarily designed for the developer testing.

The amazing specifications of Aava Vitra Android phone

This Android mobile phone is incorporated with beautiful 3.8 inches wide display of capacitive touch screen that offers a devastating resolution of 864 x 480. Moreover, this mobile phone is sported with radios and networks of quad band EDGE. This device is highly supported by the diverse and efficient wireless connectivity’s of AT&T 3G, Wi-Fi and last but not least Bluetooth. This exceptional handset is equipped with a 5 megapixel video camera to offer exceptionally marvelous shootings. This powerful device has an effective internal memory which can be further upgraded grandly by the users with the utilization of the effective micro SD cards.

The expected price of incredible Moorestown-based smart phone

Although this handset is slated to be highly shipped in Q3, but this mobile phone will grandly feature a processor that is essentially of Moorestown. The much awaited users are greatly assuming that the shipping version of this incredible mobile phone will be looking more like a prototype of Ava device that the users are genuinely observing for a while now. Although Aava had kindly build a number of prototypes for the Intel which was grandly showcased at Computex 2010, but Aava has certainly more renders that are much fancier on its site, so it will be truly interesting for the users to watch that what will happen then and how much this elegant and ravishing handset will cost when it arrives at the global market spaciously.

Aava Avira Android phone the truly irresistible handset of era

Aava Avira has undoubtedly amazed its versatile users with the introduction of its Android smart phone which is Moorestown based.

• This mobile phone is bound to thrill its users with its gracious specifications and incredible features.
•The Android feature of this handset will certainly make the users spell bound.
•The incorporation of 3.8 inches wide screen is spectacular.
•Moreover, the diverse data offerings make it an exceptionally swift mobile phone.
•The 5 megapixel video camera will avail memorable offerings for the users.

It is thus worthwhile for the users to explore this many awaited handsets, which are expected to be shipped in Q3. This excellent mobile phone is certainly going to make its users astonished with many surprises.