Since many years we have excelled in the development of televisions and movies. Today we enjoy a number of 3D films, as nothing can compare to the 3D experience, and manufacturers have come up with the latest 3D TVs.

How do 3D TVs work?

3D TVs allow you to watch shows, objects, images and videos in 3D format. It has a special port where a stereoscopic sync signal connector can be placed that connects to an Infrared emitter, which sends the signal to your 3D glasses. The simple process synchronises your glasses with the 3D screen. Even if you do have a 3D TV, as well as the glasses and the Infrared emitter, you will not be able to see everything on your TV as 3D. The reason behind this is not simply the TV itself that produces the 3D picture, but it is the footage that needs to be 3D compatible, so that this signal can be transferred.

How do you see the images and videos in 3D format?

Everything around you appears in 3D, but when you look at it on television you do not see the same way, as it flat on TV. 3D technology alters the way we focus on objects. It makes your brain to think that the picture on TV has depth by making each view the same picture at two different locations. Therefore, it becomes tougher for your eyes to look constantly, so you shouldn’t spend extended time watching 3D objects.

Various types of 3D glasses?

There are two types of 3D glasses, like passive and active. Passive glasses are the traditional 3D glasses that use two different color lenses, usually blue and red. These colors filter images that appear on the screen. Without the glasses you will see the images on screen in both the colors. The red color absorbs blue light and blue absorbs red light, so each eye will see the image in the other colour. Each eye is sees one set of images and therefore, it converges to make one 3D image. Active lenses use LCD technology that feature infrared sensor, allowing it to connect wirelessly to TV. Instead of having the image in two different hues, two sets of images are shown at different times at a very fast speed. In this way the eye is tricked to think that there are two images which you see in 3D format.

3D TVs is the latest technology at numerous electronic stores around the world. After taking a closer look at the amazing technology, you with enjoy full entertainment experience for years to come.