First there were stiffies, then there were floppies, and after only a number of years the USB stick arrived. These days we can store and transport large amounts of information to virtually anywhere in the world. Check Point has taken this one step further, and you can now get a virtual desktop on a USB stick, called Check Point Abra.

Check Point is a well-known computer security company and it has carefully assessed needs of PC users all over the world. A common desire is to be able to turn any computer into your own personal desktop, complete with all the security features and overlays. There is nothing worse than using your USB stick and ending up with viruses from all sorts of PCs. The one thing that users would worry the most about is security, but you will be happy to know that there are a number of measures that have been put into place with the new desktop on a stick.

The stick is encrypted in order to protect any information stored on it. The enterprise bubble literally creates somewhat of a bubble, which isolates you from the hard drive of the host computer, thus protecting you from any harmful files. When transferring files between the device and corporate desktops, all transfers will be secure. As far as protection from viruses goes, an automatic scan will take place of the PC you are plugging into to make sure that the anti-virus software is appropriate. As far as passwords are concerned, there are a number of ways to ensure protection. You will be required to have a minimum strength password and you will be able to use a virtual keyboard in order to prevent theft by any key loggers. The device itself will scan for updates in order to make sure that security is maintained.

As far as functioning is concerned, it combines VPN, Check Point virtualisation, as well as security technology with the SanDisk USB, which is encrypted for safety. The stick loads automatically to any PC that you plug it into. You will be able to read all your e-mails and have access to all your applications and files. The only problem is that this can only work on a PC that is Windows-based, and as such will provide you with a standard Windows environment. On other types of machines you still have a fair amount of access, but will have to use certain programs to access your e-mail.

The Check Point Abra stick has been designed to be safe and effective, allowing you to carry your desktop with you wherever you go. This is convenient if you find it a nightmare to lug your laptop around all the time. It is especially great for business that want their staff to be mobile without having to spend thousands on getting each one a laptop. Not only does this make sense financially, but the Abra stick will also save you the hassle, and lead to a dramatic increase in productivity.