Do you know what your new LG Universal remote is capable of doing? Well, it can help you connect to your Blu-ray player without any inconveniences and work with multiple devices all at the same time. If you have Philips Blu-Ray installed at your home and you are planning to watch a movie then LG Remote can be used to choose the right setting on the TV and to set surround sound on for full effect.

Here are the steps to program an LG Remote to a Philips Blu-ray….

Solution steps

LG Universal remote connects automatically to Philips Blu-ray player; however you need to turn on the player and press “Mode” button on the remote to access the TV. If it does not connect then follow the steps below.

  • Press the “Power” button and “Mute” button on the remote at the same time to start programming the LG remote control.
  • Press “013” on the remote to check if the Blu-ray player shuts off on its own. Now, press the “Exit” button to store the code and use code search feature to see if it turns off the player.
  • To search the right code, you may have to again press the “Power” button and “Mute” button at the same time to prepare the remote for programming. And, slowly press the “CH+” button repeatedly to search for the right code.
  • Once the Blu-ray player shuts off, press the “Exit” button to store the code.

You LG Universal remote control is now programmed to work with Philips Blu-ray Player. Now, you can watch your favorite movie on your new Philips player without any problem.