Acer has been the front-runner for coming up with multimedia notebooks with lot of features at lesser cost. The 17.3- inch multimedia Acer Aspire 7740 has everything to provide you at only $749 along with Intel GMA HD Graphics, Intel Core i3-330M processor, LED backlight display and Blu-ray drive.

The slim feature of the notebook covers 17.3 inch screen size and thereby helping in appearing shorter than its actual size. The design is well thought out with sharp edges along with appealing colour combination. With dark blue colour on screen and metallic blue palmrest, black keyboard gives perfect mix of colours.

The Acer logo on the top of the laptop is the only branding option chosen. You will find lots of space unutilized on the keyboard which could have been embedded with vital multimedia keys or other important functions.

A 1600 × 900 resolution HD+ screen provides enough support when scaled to play both 720P and 1080P content. This resolution suffices needs of users who love to view images, surf the Web and watch movies. Not much differentiation is offered in terms of Colour Contrast and Saturation while backlight levels bright enough to view in bright-office conditions.

The sound quality of Speakers in Aspire 7740 is above average and would help those who don’t have a Woofer. Simulated Dolby sound support adds one more star to a system priced under $1000.

The users would find comfort in floating island-style Keyboard. Even though users may face difficulty in typing quickly on this notebook but the floating island-style keyboard gives proper comfort to fingers. The missing thing with the whole package is multimedia keys which is bit more surprising as the whole notebook is designed around Blu-ray drive use for multimedia. There is no volume control as well media playback keys on the keyboard. Instead it has Wi-Fi, backup software, Bluetooth access buttons along with customizable program launch. The APLS design model of touchpad is quick responsive and is highly spacious with multitouch gesture support feature as well. It is highly sensitive and thus button is provided at the right hand side of the touch pad to disable it and avoid unnecessary movement of mouth while typing.

It was impressive to see the inclusion of Blu-ray drive in the Acer Aspire 7740 whereas Blue-ray decoding software is missing. The laptop doesn’t offer eSATA which enables quick external storage expansion in order to reduce the cost of the notebook.

Acer Aspire 7749 comes with 2.13 GHz processor with 4GB of memory for solid performance. One crucial negative feature for this notebook is its slow Toshiba hard drive. The system start up time as well as shutdown time is quite less though there is a need for improvement in gaming as well hard drive performance.

With large size and comparatively low-end hardware, thermal performance indicates better show for this Acer Notebook. It uses 6- cell battery having 48Wh capacity. The system can be stayed active for almost 3 hours and thus doesn’t make it option to travel without charger. There is no doubt about the performance of the notebook as a whole but there are certain negative features to keep in mind. It is highly important to review both pros and cons before making a new deal.