Aspire AS5740-6025 is a new Acer laptop that features Intel Core i5 processor. Its Intel Core i5 is basically a dual core processor which has the ability of processing four threads at a time. The L3 cache of this 64-bit processor has a space of 3MB. In addition to this, its processing power is about 2.26 GHz along with the feature of TurboBoost. This new laptop consumes less heat and low power and these two are the main features that people want in their laptops. Acer offers DDR3 RAM of 4 GB in this laptop to their customers. Usage of HM55 Express Chipset in manufacturing of this Laptop has made it quite reliable for numerous laptop users.

LCD Display Screen:
The LCD display screen of this laptop is 15.6” along with the resolution of 1366 x768. Acer has used 16:9 aspect ratio in development of this LCD for making it more suitable and effective for watching movies with widescreen experience. There is a built-in support in this laptop for the purpose of supporting the Microsoft DirectX 10. For driving displays, 128 MB dedicated RAM is also available in this new Acer Aspire.

SATA hard-drive:
500GB SATA hard-drive is available for storage purposes in this laptop. This hard-drive has the rotating capacity of about 5400 RPM (resolution per minute). This hard-drive offers much larger space to people to store large movies, songs and other information.

Optical Drive:
Its optical drive has the capacity of holding 8.5 GB data. This optical drive can write to DVD-RAM, CD and dual layer DVD. You can also get the benefit of using five in one card reader for memory stick, secure digital, XD-picture card or memory stick PRO and optional multi-media card.

Networking Features:
Aspire’s AS5740-6025 features integrated Wi-Fi adapter (802.11 b/g/n) for wireless connectivity. Along with this integrated adapter, 1000 Gigabit fast Ethernet port is also available for RJ-45 connector. This port provides wired connectivity to Internet users. Therefore this laptop provides both Wi-Fi connectivity and wired connectivity services to its users. There is also a support for HDTV due to the availability of HDMI port. In addition, other features of this laptop include a headphone out, microphone and four high-speed USB 2.0 ports. You can also connect this laptop with an analog monitor with the help of VGA port. This is a very unique feature of this new Acer laptop.

Crystal Eye webcam:
Acer’s Aspire also features a Crystal Eye webcam in which Acer Prima-Lite technology is also supported by this webcam which includes firmware, premium sensor and lenses. This webcam provides high quality picture even under bad light conditions. Built-in digital microphone provides high quality video chatting option by minimizing echoes.

Supported Software:
Microsoft’s 64-bit Windows Home Premium edition is usually installed on its hard-drive. Its other supported software includes NTI Media Maker, Acer Recovery Management, Google Toolbar, Microsoft Works, Acer Grid-Vista, MyWinLocker and Norton Online Backup.

The total weight of Aspire AS5740-6025 is around 6.2 pounds and you can purchase this new amazing laptop for just $600.