As the old saying goes – “Reading makes a man perfect”. In this digital world of ours people find different devices to help them read. Among them, the latest is the eBook reader. Small in size, they are easily portable and the battery life is expressed in days instead of the usual hours! Kindle by Amazon, Nook by Barnes & Noble and Sony’s EBook Reader have already hit the market. These are all dedicated devices for reading eBooks.  There is another set of eBook readers which are just applications that could run on tablet PCs and iPhones to read eBooks

Their little monitors will not harm your eyes. You do not need to take any other precautions except for the fact that you need to take your eyes off them for some time, just to give them a little rest. As such, digital reading devices such as the eBook readers are going to be runaway success stories in the near future.

Some time back there was a school of thought who believed that dedicated eBook readers will not be able to compete with eBook reader applications as nobody will spend a pots of money to buy a dedicated eBook reader, while he could do that on an iPhone or a tablet PC! Early this year there were talks that Acer had plans to release their eBook reader but they recently shelved it. Despite all that, Acer launched its eBook reader just a few days ago!

When you look at what Acer’s eBook reader called the LumiRead has on offer, there is little doubt about its success. It has two gigabytes of memory which could be expanded with a MicroSD card, with which you have the possibility to store content of 1500 books (of average size). It is only a few millimeters in thickness and has a 6 inch display which is employing the new technology – e-Ink display, to give non glare high contrast paper like appearance to text. Weighing only a few grams, it will easily fit in your pocket.

Among its features, LumiRead has 3G connectivity to browse the Internet and looking for material to read. Its QWERTY keyboard makes it even better for Internet surfing. It also has an auto format feature to display the content in the best format for reading. Browsing through the content you have in your library is very simple with the Lumiread.

If you are a reader, the best option for you when you are on the move is an eBook reader. It eliminates the hassle of having to think which book you are going to take with you. No matter where you are, these eBooks will give you the opportunity to read, in daylight or in the darkness. You may be on a mountain peak or on a sea beach but still you can enjoy reading your favorite eBook without any issues. Out of all eBooks, Acer LumiRead comes with the edge over others, which can be attributed to its innovative features. It is definitely going to be a success in the years to come.