Acer will shortly introduce its first Chrome operating system (OS) device. Multiple sources on blog sites had mentioned this news but no one had specified the type of device. Actually, Google was the first that introduced the first Chrome operating system (OS) last year. Google has designed this operating system for Tablets, Smartbooks and Netbooks. Acer already had made a statement that they are working on a Netbook that will overshadow the Chrome operating system designed by Google. They had also mentioned that they will launch this new Netbook in the middle of 2010. Acer’s Chairman, J.T. Wang mentioned that “Acer will be the first company who will introduce Chrome operating system based device”. Acer is the first PC manufacturing company who committed to work on the manufacturing of Chrome operating System (OS) based device.

In the month of November, Dell has also started to work on manufacturing a Chrome operating system (OS) device, Mini-10V Netbook. But this Netbook is still under process. Like Dell, Android is also talking about the manufacturing of a Chrome OS based device. But here interesting thing is that Android is dealing with Smart Phones and Chrome OS is only suitable for Tablets, Smartbooks and Netbooks. So in reality it is bit difficult for the coexisting of Android with Chrome operating systems.

Acer who had committed last year that they will soon launch its first Chrome operating system device has now made a new modified statement on Monday. Acer has now refused the news that “they will launch a Chrome operating System device within next two weeks.” Acer has now committed that they don’t have any plan to introduce a Chrome operating System device in a near future. It has also announced that “Acer always looks for new experiences and tries to discover such innovative things that enhance the overall performance of its products and services”. In addition to this, Acer has also announced that “they are closely watching the Google’s strategy related to its product and will surely work on Google Chrome Operating system in the future but at this time they don’t have any immediate plan for the launching of such kind of device”.

All these above statements of Acer authorities suggest that Acer is now desperately trying to detach itself from its earlier statement that was made in last year by its Chairman that “Acer will be the first company who will introduce Chrome operating System based device”. But now Acer is saying that they are just trying to follow the progress and development of Chrome operating system and Google’s other products. Acer has also signed an agreement with Google to help him in making its particular operating systems for mobile devices. On the other hand, Google has cleared it many times that Chrome operating system will not be available for Notebook devices until the end of year 2010. Now it is clear that this operating system will not be available before the starting of next year.