The competition is getting hotter when it comes to the Smartphone market. Not only are the buyers now getting ample choices to choose from the best, the prices too are getting competent ensuring that almost every gizmo-geek is flaunting a Smartphone. Adding on to the choices for Smartphone, Acer has officially announced on Thursday the launch of its new Android Smartphone – the Acer Stream.

Termed as the ‘perfect entertainment machine’, Acer Stream does offer some amazing features to the user. 3.7 inch AMOLED display (touch-screen), 5 megapixel camera, video recording of 720p HD etc make for some of the most attracting features of Acer Stream. To add to this, the inclusion of 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor makes the device fast and very easy to use, even when opening heavy files or watching videos. Meanwhile, HDMI output port also makes it possible to watch videos on large screens. In order to differentiate Acer Stream from other Smartphone like HTC Evo 4G and Droid Incredible, Acer has included animations and 3D interfaces in a bid to customize the software and its user experience. Therefore, for those willing to unlock the phone, simply peel back the bottom left corner on the screen. Then again, in order to get information without undergoing the hassle of opening all the separate applications, simply ask the widget that resides on the lock screen.

Adding to the list of applications provided by the new Acer Stream, there is a History panel. This panel guides you through the recently used applications. The status bar also helps you open all your favorite applications lightening fast. Stream offers the users a chance to choose from the three different predictive keyboards. Nemo player, Facebook, Spinlets (free music streaming application), Twidroid and Acer UrFooz (that helps create your virtual look-a-like) are other applications that aim towards making Acer Stream one of the most popular Smartphone in the market. The Smartphone comes with 512 MB RAM, a microSD card (of up to 8 GB), 2 GB internal storage, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) and support for 3G+ HSDPA (7.2 Mbps connectivity). The phone has Android 2.1 as its base; however, work towards using Android 2.2 in future handsets is underway.

While Acer Stream looks all set to make waves in the market, it is still not clear as to which carrier will be supporting the handset. Nevertheless, speculations are on that this will be an Asia-and-Europe only device. The pricing too is yet to be announced. To sum it all up, Acer Stream will prove to be a high-end multimedia Smartphone. Its key features will be easy browsing and ability to watch high definition movies.

Acer is ranked #2 when it comes to PCs and notebooks, globally. The company has been dedicated towards developing environment-friendly, far reaching products for the last thirty years, adding several famously known brands (such as Packard Bell, Gateway etc) to its kitty. Today, Acer offers almost every solution (in terms of services offered or products) that the new age customer looks for.