Acer is one of the leading computer manufacturing companies worldwide. Acer is looking forward to introduce the latest technology-based desktop and laptop computers, especially in the field of Netbooks. Acer manufactures Netbooks which are smaller in sizes that have all the functionalities that any user looks for. These Netbooks are very much affordable for the people of any class. Acer always tries to offer something unique to its customers. Now this time the company is going to introduce its two new amazing Netbooks, named as Acer 721 and 521. These Notebooks will be a part of its Aspire One product line.

Acer has used both graphics configurations and AMD processors in the manufacturing process of these new Netbooks. The Acer 721 is basically an 11.6” model whereas Acer 521 is a 10” model. Acer has announced that both these laptops will use high resolution graphics of Radeon HD4225. These two Acer Netbooks will be the version of 785G/880G chipsets. These chipsets feature the HD4000 based high quality graphics solutions. AMD V105 CPU is another amazing feature of these latest AMD Netbooks. It is basically a single core processor which has the processing power of 1.2 GHz. Only nine watt power drain is required for this processor. This processor is designed on the basis of 45nm technology that is much more superior to old 65nm technology.

Acer is also looking to facilitate their customers with DDR3 RAM of 4GB by these two new Netbooks. The availability of DDR3 RAM in these Netbooks will make them more reliable and fast to use for their users because 4GB RAM allows the processor to fetch multiple instructions at a time. L2 cache of these Netbooks will be around 512KB that will be enough for a 1.2GHz processor for providing better communication among system internal components.

The screen resolution of 11.6” model is 1,366×768 and for 10” model, it is 1024×600 or 1024×768. LED (light emitting diodes) will be used in both these Netbooks for the purpose of providing better battery timing and overall quality. These diodes will facilitate the users with high quality images. In addition to this, Acer will also provide HDMI interface and an integrated Wi-Fi module for its users. Another unique feature of these small Netbooks is their advanced touchpad. This advanced touchpad can support the multi-touch motions. Li-Ion battery of six cell will facilitate the users to use these Netbooks for a longer period of time. Bluetooth, optional 3G, webcam, Ethernet port and microphone are some other attractive features of Acer’s newly introduced Netbooks. Moreover, Acer is also introducing a new light-powered adapter known as MiniGo in these Netbooks. This light-powered adapter will have interchangeable plugs for making it more reliable and effective.

Notebook users are really looking forward to purchase these Netbooks due to their amazing features and portable sizes. The prices and some other features of these new Acer Netbooks will be disclosed soon.