The San Francisco based touch screen keyboard Startup Company Blind Type has been acquired by Google Inc. If you are using a smart phone then you must be familiar with the on screen keyboard. The Blind type technology will remove the need of on screen keyboard. You can start typing anywhere on the screen, the application will read the movement of the fingers and translate them into text. And the most important feature of this technology is you do not have to look at the screen while typing, you can simply start typing anywhere on the screen.

Now those who are using Android phones can type without any flaws. Before the acquisition, Android phones were  considered inferior to the Apple iPhones, iPods and iPads. But this seems to be an advantage for Google’s Android phones; it can help those who are frequent to instant messaging and chatting. One more organization is making the same service for Android phones; Swype. It is a big competitor of Blind type. They were developing the same technology for Google, so it is very interesting to know about their continuity in the development. But from a recent report it was revealed that they will continue with the touch screen keyboard development as the spoke person of the company told the reporters.

If you are very interested to see the demo, then you can visit the Blind Type website, they are really interesting and impressive. As this technology is about to released, you will not be able to try it yourself. If you want to try it then you can try Swype as it is already released and the Blind Type will be almost same as Swype. The Merging of these two companies will make a difference in the smart phones market and we can see more inventions like this in future. . As the Android growth rate is very high, this new acquisition also helps in the smart phone market’s share and it will emerge as the biggest competitor of Apple’s iphone and Blackberry. Smart phone users are always interested in new innovations and they are looking forward to this new innovation. When this technology will be released, the Android’s users will find it very helpful in typing SMS and e-mails. Blind Type was a start up company and the acquisition by Google is a huge step for them and it will also help them to renovate new ideas.