With our new and fast changing technology period, where everything is almost run by machines and computer data based is always on demand, the Microsoft Company has again made another great innovation of operating system for your PC’s and Laptops – Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate and Professional. It has more reliability, high performance and quality, and a great way to enhance programs and features.

Although with its still on beta version, the consumers and retailers of different PC is starting to promulgate a new breed of operating system under it.

But many have yet to adapt to this fast changing pace of technology. There are still business consumers that needs still on the focus for the Microsoft XP version of operating system or even the Vista.

In order to deal with this issue, the Microsoft Company offers a downgrade rights for Microsoft XP.

What is a Downgrade Rights?

It is an end-user rights that allows other Microsoft XP consumers to still be able to use the current system before using the newer one.

Because some other consumers experienced difficulty on upgrading to a higher system when the computer based operating system of their company has still on its older version.

Advantage of Download Rights

The first advantage of download rights is the purchase of optional preinstalled Windows 7. This would mean that you have the power to either install the Windows 7 later.

The next is downgrade has no additional cost when you want to go for an older version. You can go for Microsoft XP without spending money for the downgrade process.

Next is, it is another way of letting the users compare and encourage about the Windows 7. In this way, consumers could see the great difference in using the newer version and could possibly make their decision of upgrading change.

The last advantage is about giving enough and appropriate time of conversion for the PC or Laptop. This would allow to a slow but sure approach of changing the system, thus making it safe to upgrade.

Note: To enjoy the advantage, clients must see to it that the product key is a license and an authorized code given by the appropriate producer.

With this advantage, one can now have an option of switching back to the older version if they could not go and adjust directly to the new upgrade.

But this Downgrade Rights was given by the Microsoft for eighteen months only, after the final release of the Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Professional. Then, you can go back to the Windows 7 operating system.

Still, the Company aims to achieve a more quality of innovation and a high breed system that corresponds to the modern world. For the meantime, to deal with client’s demand, they would pave way for them because after all, it is still the consumer’s best preference whether to upgrade or not.