“A small step towards a giant leap” is an age old saying that would immediately come to every business man’s mind when they really understand and appreciate the use of add-ons that firefox has introduced. These add-ons are more useful to companies that are gravitated in doing online business because, Firefox has a unique feature, that can help such companies to improvise the ease with which they work and deliver things to their customers.

The feature is the adaptability that Firefox has always been giving it a finer edge over its competition. The add-on indeed is an added feature for Firefox to win the trust of the market and win the competition in the market. The special part about Firefox is it allows third party applications to be installed in the browser that can become a part of the browser, thus called as Firefox extension. There are many types of extensions available in Firefox to serve its niche market’s purpose in a better way.

These add-ons are helpful for many reasons like knowing the traffic rankings, Google page ranking and many more. An add-on called Gadget Advisor, is a web technology that has been developed and has served its purpose beautifully. Another extension offered that has been really serving its purpose would be the lightweight application that allows the user to know if a page has been cached on Google. The application basically shows a green coloured arrow in the status bar if the page is cached by Google and if the page is not cached by Google then it will show a red arrow on the status bar, this could be really useful to online companies while they are considering if or not to acquire a link. The online company can use the following extension if they happen to notice a green arrow on the status bar then the directory is good to be purchased. The same logic for analysis can be used by online shoppers while purchasing goods. All that an online shopper has to do would be to watch if the page is cached by Google. If the page is cached by Google then the page is likely to have higher levels of traffic and also is useful while buying a website.

In general, this particular extension helps in knowing the sites that are indexed by search engines and provides an evidence of much more valuable organic traffic, this extension can be helpful to the due intelligence of a purchaser or seller online. It now becomes much easier for a purchaser to know if the seller is selling a banned website using this extension. This, reduces the job for a purchaser to cross check with Google if the website has been indexed and cached in Google. One can easily try and know about the extension if anyone wants hands on experience it is easy to download and install to have a hands on experience.