With more and more people getting addicted to the trend of texting, people are after phones that are friendly to use when it comes to texts. You would certainly love to have your text messages typed easily and in just a few clicks. There has been a drastic increase in the number of text messages that were sent by people in this year compared to the previous years. An approximate figure of 51% is given when it comes to the rise that occurred. There seems to be no stop to this trend therefore the phone manufacturers have decided to get you the best by giving you phones that are friendlier to use and handle especially when it comes to text messages.

The Samsung Gravity

The Gravity series of Samsung comprises of three phones that are Gravity 3, Gravity T and GravityJ. The last one is Gravity with a smiley. All these three phones have been made to make your texting experience way more convenient. In addition, you can also stay yourself updated with the social networks of your choice and you would be in constant communication with your friends and family. All these phones are given a QWERTY keyboard that sets them distinct from the complete series available in the market. The phones have been designed keeping in sight the social networking experiences as well as the texting fever therefore the phone also has a number of applications to enhance your telephone experience.

Gravity 3

The phone comes with a slider horizontal in orientation with dual keypads. One of them is primarily dedicated to dialing while the one that opens up when you displace the slider is made exclusively for text messaging. The purpose is to distinguish between the telephony experience and the texting experience. The phone features an adequate 240*340 pixel display that enhances your experience to great extent. The keypads are made in a way to give a user friendly experience therefore you can enjoy both dialing a number as well as typing a text message through the dedicated QWERTY keypad. The technical specifications involve an internal storage of 70 Mb with a microSD card support that can expand the storage for your multimedia and storages. The phone features a processing speed of 184 MHz that is a great feature when it comes to running of all your desired applications.

Gravity T Specifications

Compared to the horizontal slider, this one is a vertical version with a large screen. The phone only has one keypad that is QWERTY therefore all the remaining room has been taken up by the display giving a 2.8” screen that makes the phone into a vibrant experience. The display resolution are 240*320 pixel. Gravity T also features the same processing speed for application management with all the necessary applications for social networking experience with an internal storage of 50 Mb that can be expanded.


This is the simplest version of the series that features the same processor and the same internal memory but looks simpler then the other two versions released by Samsung Gravity series. The phone targets normal people though.