Here is a small set of important and most popularly used add-on that is differentiating the choice of browsers amongst most of us. Most of us at a point of time did not know anything more than what is so called the “IE” but, days have changed where the selection of browsers not only depend upon the parameters like speed and ease of usage but add-ons.

Given an option to use the historic Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google chrome and so on… Undoubtedly majority of the people choose Firefox over the others for their advantages and amazing add-on they provide. Here are a few add-ons which have found their way to the top to differentiate the browsers and have become best pals to most of the users who stay loyal to the browser.


The name itself sounds cool and iris refers to the eye, its not only the name it also is the way the add-on works. It is the best way to review and have a look at the beautiful memories and moments that your camera clicked for you. This arranges the pictures that we have which looks like an array of pictures posted on the wall of our house and is really COOL for the IRIS. It is a compatible page like the Google and Facebook and far more interesting outlook for us to review and look at the images.

Power Twitter:

This is one of the best client for Firefox from twitter. It though is not a replacement; it is the highly used substitute in the case. It is a fascinating way of reading and writing your tweets on twitter. The promising advantage of this ADD-On is its ability to shorten the URL and image uploads. Another great feature would be the access of Facebook with #FB.

Twitter bar:

Updating Information on Twitter also has been made easy with this add-on. This add-on lets the user type their twitter status. It is a small and easy to access bar which is the key reason for this add-on to be one of the most used.

Fox Tab:

Managing the websites that we visit is one of the key things that anybody wants to do while being online for continuous hours. One of the best an Internet buff should actually by the time finish reading this should have among his add-ons. This is basically like a speed dial from a phone, it speed dials the page you want to visit. It is highly customised and further can be customised based on the user. This tab makes the user feel that he need not type the address of his favourite website each time.

Fastest Fox:

This is one of the key favourites among the top add-ons. It gives more options while we are searching for information online that can make complicated things much easier.
These are the top add-on that differentiates the browsers. There still is lot more for users to review about the add-on that Mozilla Firefox has to assist its users.