Adobe has introduced three new apps for Android-based tablets, and these include Adobe Photoshop Touch, Adobe Proto, and Adobe Debut. These are perfect apps to work on images and perform other designing tasks. These apps can be easily used on touch-enabled slates.

If you are a lover of art and love venting out your inner thoughts on paper, then Adobe Photoshop might be your favorite tool. Whether it’s your photography or your canvas masterpiece, this excellent software can work wonders and can transform your piece of art into a piece of excellence. Adobe is used for multi-tasking and managing various designing projects. The name itself beckons the popularity of this software. Apparently, all these designing tools from Adobe can only be used on PC/Laptops. But with the growing popularity of tablets, software developers have started developing these software for tablets too.

Hence, Adobe landed its feet in the Android market and introduced the latest and happening apps for Android-based devices. The triplet of apps includes:

 Adobe Photoshop Touch
 Adobe Debut
 Adobe Proto

These apps are specially designed for Android-based tablets and are ideally suited for Android 3.1 or higher devices, which boast of a screen size of 8.9 inches and a resolution of 1280*800 pixels. Priced exorbitantly at US$ 9.99, the features that these apps offer are a true value for money. The uniqueness about these apps is that they can be used with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Let’s take up each app individually.

Adobe Photoshop Touch
Your pictures will be your slaves and will dance to the tunes of your fingers. You can play around with your images by editing them, or adding various effects. Your images will get a complete makeover. What’s more, the transformed images can also be shared on social media easily with Android Photoshop Touch.

Adobe Debut
This app will help all the professionals who design on the go. With the new Android Debut, your Adobe Creative Suite designs become even more attractive. Now you can easily gear up for that meeting since your designs can be easily presented on your tab, and the feedback too can be stored.

Android Proto
How about creating website prototypes? Sounds complicated? Well with Android Proto it’s no longer a difficult task. You can easily share ideas and communicate on the Touch-centric operating system.

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