It what seems to be a disappointing development, for iPhone users, Mike Chambers, a senior product manager for developer relations at Adobe, has announced in his recent blog that due recent licensing changes by Apple it will not be able to create flashed based application for the iPhone.

Licensing software, for any Apple product has become a major issue with companies that are trying to be innovative and cashing into the rising iPhone applications market. However Adobe has proven fidgety about licensing issues, as many companies have already infringed its licenses.

The major issue that Adobe faces with the iPhone is that, Apple will not allow applications that have been created on compilers to be sold through the App Store. This news certainly gives a huge jolt to flash programmers, as their applications are largely based on compilers.

However, the only optimistic note that Chamber wrote on his blog in twitter was that, Apple will consider the new licensing changes in its forthcoming release of Adobe Creative Suite 5. In his blog Chamber was quoted as follows,” We will still be shipping the ability to target the iPhone and iPad in Flash CS5. However, we are not currently planning any additional investments in that feature.”

Chambers also said the Packager to develop flashed based applications for the iPhone, was based on the previously prescribe Apple license. Since there have been changes of not allowing applications to be written from compilers. Adobe has to start from scratch and embedded its next release of the Packager according to the new licenses.