One of the pronounced software providers of the world, Adobe Systems Incorporated has postponed their plan to release 64-bit Flash player for Linux OS. Recently Adobe announced that the project to market the 64-bit flash player is stopped temporarily due to some problems, but they endure that this project will be resumed very soon.

Background History

Adobe Labs announced to build 64-bit Plug-in in 2008. They planned to make it more compatible for every application and user friendly. They focused on the public demand and need for a 64-bit system Flash player and outlined the total project according so. But now they detect some technical and architectural difficulties with the software after building this. So they want to take some more time to make it more preferential and perfect.

Reason behind the project postpone

The project was initiated by Adobe Labs two years ago. A compatible Flash player for the Linux OS is demand of time. But the scarcity of technology or innovation didn’t make it happen to produce the certain software. Adobe Labs made a clear vision to produce it within 1.5-2 years and market it very fast. But after a long wait they disappointed the users by pointing out some of their technical errors and architectural changes in the system.

What Adobe say

Adobe Labs actually didn’t denied working on the project anymore. They want to develop the software with more sophisticated feature. Thus to produce a error free workable software, they want to produce a newer version very soon. In fact recently Adobe Flash player 10.1 is published which is compatible for Windows, Mac and Linux.

“We are fully committed to bringing native 64-bit Flash Player for the desktop by providing native support for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux 64-bit platforms in an upcoming major release of Flash Player,” the company wrote. “We intend to provide more regular update information on our progress as we continue our work on 64-bit versions of Flash Player.”

Adobe’s recent concentration

$5.82 Billion Company Adobe is currently working on the mobile devices to grab the market of portable device. Adobe has a great limitation of absorbing very high energy or charge which made it unpopular for portable devices. So now they are now trying to resolve the problem as much as possible and become popular in mobile market. In fact They claim that their new product Flash Player 10.1 version will resolve most of the problems that is sustaining the current market.

Adobe’s Competitors and Adobe’s stand

Mozilla Firefox has recently published newer version of flash player which is compatible for for Mac OS X and Linux. But it has great drawback; it’s not usable in 32-bit system. So they throw a strong challenge to Adobe to grab the market of flash player.

Adobe is very firm in its stand to regenerate the project very soon and work accordingly what they promised earlier. But it’s not sure when they will start the project again or even when people will get the product. But everyone is eagerly waiting for the newer Linux version of Adobe Flash player.