We all have been waiting for a long time for a new portable, efficient projector to be available in the market. It’s been a hard time to carry heavy projectors during our business presentations, school lectures, and classroom reports.

We don’t have to worry any more because Samsung, one of the well known media providers in the world, has already released their first ever Pico projector that is within our palms’ reach.

Yes, you read it right. Here are the facts:

  1. The new Samsung SP-HO3 Palm-Sized Pico Projector is the new innovative gadget Samsung created to fit on our palms.
  2. The Samsung SP-HO3 Palm-Sized Pico Projector is a standard projector like what business men, educators, and students use for their presentations and reports. But the Samsung SP-HO3 Palm-Sized Pico Projector has so much more features like built in programs and playback features than our old projectors have.
  3. The palm-sized projector weighs 170 in grams and has a dimension of 63.5mm x 38mm x 63.5mm. We can easily store or place the projector in our pockets, briefcases, bags, or purses.
  4. It contains 30 lumens which allow us to view images with 9-80 inches in size. It also uses an advanced LED technology as it has energy efficient LED light (which are eco-friendly, by the way) that can work for 30,000 hours.
  5. It is also capable of playing WVGA videos which are 854×480 in size. We don’t even have to worry about the large files we need to present because it comes with a separate 1GB internal microSD memory card.
  6. The Samsung SP-HO3 Palm-Sized Pico Projector has a USB port which comes with a built in feature to instantly playback videos, audio, and image files during presentation.

It also has built in document and video viewers for Microsoft Office Suite, such as:

  • MS Word,
  • MS PowerPoint,
  • MS Excel,
  • Adobe,
  • PDF,
  • movie,
  • audio, and
  • image files

These are the applications or files which are usually used during presentations. The projector also has a built in MP3 Player for easy access of music playback.

The best thing about this Pico projector is that it remains affordable even with the many features it has. So this is still accessible and readily available for educators and students who really need to use one during their lectures and reports. With the new Samsung SP-HO3 Palm-Sized Pico Projector, we can say that big things truly come in small packages.

The device’s 1GB worth of memory space entices users to purchase it as, surely, it is able to load any media content directly to the device. One of the features that its owners love is the built-in multimedia playback feature that is seamless, meaning, it does not have to be tethered to any computer in order to share music, images, documents, or videos. Once again, the Samsung SP-HO3 Palm-Sized Pico Projector is Samsung at its finest.