Last year Intel developed its Health Care Management Suit which was an online connection of the patient with his hospital. This suit has made it possible for the patients to send their crucial medical data to the hospitals where it is monitored and necessary action is taken before it is too late. According to a survey the Chronic Heart Failure cases are increasing day by day and delay in getting it checked makes the situation critical. It is an approach to reduce the number of severe chronic heart failure and serve the people in the best manner.

When people take the Intel Health Care Management suit they get a home patient device, and Intel’s Health guide PHS6000. This test was run on 315 people who were suffering from Chronic Heart Failure problem. These patients were also provided with a weight checking machine and one blood pressure measuring device. Patients with the help of Intel Health Care Management suit sent there daily report to the nurse case management centres where it was regularly monitored and analysed for any foreseen troubles. This helps in reducing the time of reaction and helps in saving somebody’s life. It definitely a new steps in health care industry and will revolutionise the traditional nursing system in which patient has to visit the doctor for check-up. Now patient just need to connect himself with the Health Care Management Suit and he will be in constant monitor.

The test run on 315 patients has proved that the Health care Management Suit is definitely efficient and can be publically launched for use and adopted by various medical institutions. This test was run for 6 months and it was able to avoid the situations of hospitalisation by proactively taking necessary measure and by giving regular medical advices to the patients based on their health data. It is another invention for remote health assistance. Prior to this we have already seen remote hospitals in which patient sits in his place and a doctor sitting at some remote location observe them. In recent news it was shown that even remote surgeries are possible in which a doctor sitting on another side of the globe can do a surgery of a patient somewhere else in the world. All this has happened by daily evolving computer technology which has brought the world to one point which is internet.

The results and the data obtained by the test run on the set of 315 patients is still being analysed but it has certainly made a difference in health care management methodology. Since this data was also shared with the Aetna nurse case manager for coordination an Aetna has also complimented the results positively. Aetna was constantly monitoring the patient’s data and their health status and was giving constant feedbacks to the patients. Data which was being monitored was the blood pressure, weight scale, and other person specific data if required. All the patients were Aetna Medicare members and were positive to Chronic Heart Failure Syndrome.