For many of us searching for an answer to a question is synonymous to ‘Googling’ the question. This means people are so used to finding every answer via Google, that it has actually crippled them. Such a dependence of people on this search engine has led to some monopolical concerns against the company. Google is accused by the European Union for breaching European competition law.

About Google

Google is a multinational company involved in Internet search services, computing, and advertising technologies. The founders of the company are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The thought behind creation of Google was (in words of the founders) “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” The company has successfully achieved this goal. Google claims that whenever a search is made on its engines, the resulting websites are the best answers for the particular question. They claim that they are completely unbiased, appropriate searches and user satisfaction is their primary motive.

In the recent years Google has been in news for quite a lot of accusations against the company. The recent one is the European Union accusing the company of violation competition law.

About the controversy

Recently The European Union received three complaints against Google claiming biased relegation against these companies in Google’s online rankings. This act is considered a breach of European Competition Law. The companies which raised these complaints are; Foundem- a UK search site, Ciao which is an online shopping site held by Microsoft, and a French legal services site Taking these complaints seriously The European Union has decided to look deep into the matter. The European Union commissioner believes that at times companies in order to establish themselves in a strong position in certain markets tend to be risking this position to exclude other markets.

European Competition Laws are very strict and stringent. If proved true Google will have to pay hundreds of euros as fine. Recently the German Privacy officials filed a suit against social networking giant- Facebook claiming publishing of private information of non members. The matter is sub-judice.

Google’s reply

The officials at Google are unruffled to this controversy. They believe these complaints will fall flat on face, as they are confident about not having breached any competition laws. Google claims that its search algorithm is fair and unbiased, which always gives the most appropriate answer to any search without having any prejudices.

The company said that they are working closely with European Union commissioner and his team of members to prove them the truth and rationale of the search algorithm. The company states, it will answer all the questions raised against it as they are very confident that they are not at any kind of fault. Google always tries to work towards producing better and most relevant search results for its users. And in achieving this goal they do not pick favorites.