According to huge PC manufacturer-Dell-it expects a potential increase in revenue for the fiscal year 2011, which is estimated to be around 14 percent to 19 percent more than the fiscal year 2010. Moreover, according to official sources from Dell, the company also thinks that non-GAAP operating income is also going to boost ranging from 18 percent to 23 percent more than the fiscal year 2010 and such increased cash flow with operation-if achieved-would be greater than net income in existing year. There is also news that overdue customer refresh among public and commercial customers is on its way and according to the company, it will continue with the same speed resulting in more benefits and business advantages for the company, said Mr. Gladden. He also added that this way we will be able to pay more careful attentions towards selling more networking products, services, storage and servers through better expanded enterprise offerings. It is also expected that the strategy will bring in more operating income and give momentum to strong cash flow from around the world. According to market index shares of Dell had dropped from $0.51 percent to $13.75 in extended trading.

Viacom had to suffer a heavy and unexpected setback by the court verdict awarded against it. On Wednesday, Louis Stanton-United States District Judge-who was hearing the case between Google In. and Viacom ruled to drop all copyright infringement cases against Google and YouTube. A lawsuit of £1 billion was leveled again the company under copyright act.

After the court verdict, Google posted on its website that the decision has been given YouTube on the basis of Digital Millenium Copyright Act as the company is protected it. And, no case could be registered under claims of copyright infringement. In post marketing, Google shares were seen dropping from $0.11 percent to $481.51 percent.

LDK and Gestamp agreement:

There was an agreement between LDK Solar Co and Gestamp Asetym Solar, which will boost market share of both the companies and save a lot of energy with the help of solar products. On Wednesday, the company announced that it is going to sing on a contract with Spain Based Gestamp Asetym Solar to supply high quality solar modules. GA is working as the subsidiary of Gestamp Corporation. There are some strict terms and conditions and according to which Gestamp Solar will receive in the third quarter of the year the delivery of around 15.8 MW (megawatts) of solar modules. Chairman and CEO-Xiaofeng Peng-of LDK Solar stated with complete satisfaction and smile on his face that both the companies are very happy and pleased to start such a joint operation with each other. Gestamp Solar is regarded as one of the leading companies in the development of PV projects.

He also added that this is clear by this contract; we will continue the development relationship with each other and meet solid demand and new challenges for our modules. We are determined to continue to enlarge our core relationship with partners and especially Gestamp Solar on coming projects. Chinese solar panel manufacturer share rose over 1 percent in hours.