Technology is growing at a super fast pace. With such kind of situation you get new, interesting and improved technology day after day. This is beneficial both for the customers – who are the end users of technology and company – who invest so much in delivering those technologies. With this premise, its time to introduce latest offering by T-Mobile.

In the last few years, U.S.A. brought the 3G technology worldwide. After some time, this 3G technology was provided with the HSPA support which has made its speed very fast. Though T-Mobile has not been quick in this competitive market but it has now already hit markets with its product web Connect Rocket 2.0 modem few months back. And now if the markets sources are to be believed, T-mobile is coming with an advanced version of the above mentioned modem. This modem which can be said as sequel to the existing web Connect Rocket 2.0, is termed as web Connect Rocket 3G modem for laptops- a super product for its users.

Features of web Connect Rocket 3G Modem:

Web Connect Rocket 3G Modem has features which can drive its customers crazy and make them spend dollars for the same. The features which make this modem superior to the present ones are discussed below:-

  • HSPA+ (High Speed Power Access) support– This would be the only modem from T-Mobile which would provide HSPA+ support. Though T mobile have started a bit late, but this feature has left everybody speechless. This HSPA+ support would be able to give a speed up to 42mbps which is really an unbelievable but true feature which is not there in any other USB modem. At present, the maximum speed which it is giving is of 21mbps but this Rocket 3G Modem would be able to provide almost the double speed.
  • Supports Mac and PC– The Web Connect Rocket 3G would also be able to support Macs and PCs.
  • Storage Capacity-The storage capacity of this product is excellent. It has got a superb micro SDHC memory card with which it can provide the additional storage capacity in which upto 16 GB data can be stored.
  • Pricing– Though a new product to be launched, still its price is not kept high. It is expected to be the same as of the present modem that is $25 per month for every data up to 200MB. But the exact price is not declared yet.
  • Web Surfing– This modem, as the name itself reflects, provides the 3G and 4G web surfing.

This modem launch has proved itself as a good and latest upgrade. But this does not mean that the present Rocket 2.0 modem has become outdated and is of no use. Only those who would need the more storage capacity and super high speed, this new modem would be of use to them. The mobile broadband speed would be now faster than the present T-Mobile’s standard 3G network. However, the date when this modem would be released in market is still not declared.