Google is known as a search giant for its diverse business. It has attained a lot of fame due to the large projects it has taken. Since its launch, it has been extending its arms and benefiting people. Of late, it has got a new venture which is worth noticing.

Google’s pact with OMD & PHD

OMD and PHD are the agencies of media which would soon be coming in a pact with Google. The group which is responsible for the two agencies would come together with Google and would send out ads which would be for their clients. Among the clients of this group are PepsiCo, Mc Donald’s, Apple and Sony. These advertisements would need millions of dollars for making the pact possible. These ads by the group would be placed on the sites of Google.

This initiative is not one-sided but both the companies would help each other. If the Media Omnicom Group looks forward to spend its several dollars for the sake of publishing its ads then Google would play its role too. The latter would make it easy for Omnicom to get the ads on Google’s ad exchange. This would be possible by Google’s plan of making “global trading desk”.

The search giant is wholeheartedly working towards this deal. Besides, it is making the Omnicom group aware of the aspects of advertising and will strengthen its methods. It would point the group’s information and would analyze on the results of the performance of advertising.

Features of the Omnicom group and Google deal

The Omnicom group and Google are coming together to create record breaking sales. It is being estimated that with this deal both of them are poised to benefit. In this deal, Omnicom would be free to have business transactions with any networking sites which may be even rival sites of Google like Yahoo and Facebook. This deal is supposed to be very effective when implemented as Omnicom group would be getting into global partnership. There are many advantages that can be availed by Omnicom groups and the biggest would be because of the deal having non exclusive clause.

Google won’t be anymore confined as a search engine because it is targeting toward enhancing its reach. Omnicom group would earn a lot of fame and reputation with this partnership. The sources told that Google would help Omnicom to expand advertising capacity. The trading expansion is expected through this new initiative of Google and Omnicom group. The dual ways of advantages are likely to be witnessed in terms of profit and expansion of business.

Google is at the height of increments but there is a hurdle too as the web display advertising on the Internet is at the verge of falling where the European Market is itself finding the low figures. This has resulted in fall of the European markets in the other respects. The recent reports have announced that there has been considerable decline in the European Markets. Now, Google and Omnicom group partnership is aimed towards saving the business by their pact which is supposed to be an escalation towards the success in the long run.