Another version of AIR has been launched, which is still in beta stage. There are some differences that have been noted in the AIR that are actually incorporated in this newer version. Just to note on the features of this AIR2 version, here are some enhancements gathered from long hours of product reviews from different large companies as well as from small, start-up companies. Still, it can be used for:

• Mac,
• Windows, and
• Linux platforms.

One of the most notable features of Adobe’s AIR2 is that it requires less memory for runtime installers. This would also be require less CPU usage when it would be running at the background (for MAC). This is already a good optimization than the last version. Another notable feature focuses on the ability to use API. This is essential to be able to open the files in a different default application which is not dependent on the platform. On the other hand, this would be beneficial to companies to ensure that there is content management application which is ideal for offices.

There is also increased printer relation. The printer for both Mac and Windows will benefit best. There would be a higher resolution bitmap in printing as well as enhanced print in APIs. For Mac, Vector printing would already be in FP 10.

On a more leisurely side, the new AIR2 would be able to detect when there is some mass storage device that is plugged in. This would automatically prompt video uploads from some cameras and such to upload it in some sites. Users would also be able to check on the file types, and whether such mass storage devices are rewritable or removable. It would also be able to use the microphone for recording even if it is offline.

Capabilities of the AIR2 have also been enhanced. There are more capabilities that gestures and multi-touch would be able to do. On multi-touch, the users would be able to exercise many touch points. On the other hand, gestures are also enhanced. Still, both multi-touch and gestures cannot be recognized all at the same time.

Windows 7 and other newer versions as well as Macs running 10.6 along with newer versions plus hardware that enables such feature are the only ones that can operate such. Thus, operations supported include:

• swiping,
• panning,
• rotating,
• zooming and even
• tapping

There is also a high standard improved networking feature, IPv6 Internet standard is now supported through AIR2. The more common network, multi-player gaming would also be supported through such. As a matter of fact, this would also be able to support its chat system.

The AIR2 and the AIR 1.5 cannot stand together in single hardware. Basically, the AIR2 would already update the older version. Thus, if there is a need to revert back to the older version, one would need to uninstall the whole AIR2 and re-install the older one. Any problems and suggestions for the newer version, the AIR2 teams are always open for reporting.