Alan Wake is a Xbox only game released by Remedy Entertainment. The game has been in development for quite a lot of time which generally in this business means the product is not up to the mark. This game manages not to get into that stereotype though. After getting our hands on the final retail copy and a sleepless night, sitting in front of my rig later here are our comments.

Alan Wake is a successful author with a well settled life. He has a beautiful wife and no known problems. Two years have gone by and Alan realises that somehow he just cannot get himself to write another book while his agent is waiting for the new one. So on his wife’s recommendation he does what all writers do for inspiration, take a vacation in a nearby town of Bright Falls.

Handling of the Alan character is done very carefully. A lot of stress has been put to depict Alan like a real person with real relationships. The town of Bright Falls is very detailed but then almost every game comes with that level of details and graphics. What makes this game different is the town appears real in the story too, with real inhabitants and the local “deerfest” coming up. The voice acting is average and not too great for anything to be written about. The story is tastefully handled with the user given the sense of foreboding and dread without much of scary scenes or gore splattered onto your scene. Your flashlight is your primary weapon and the message is simple, light is good, darkness is danger. The people are very real and in fact they seem like people you would meet in any small town.

The story is structured into episodes. In each episode you are given pages of a book to read. The pages tell the actual story and could be from the past, present or the future. It is a very interesting and creepy way to move the story in this fashion and the effect is telling. The story manages to keep you hooked on without getting bored. The whole structuring seems like a television series where each episode tells its own story and at the end of each there is song. The next episode begins with the all familiar line “ Last time, on Alan Wake…” . The whole concept in very involving and intriguing.

The game is rated Teen which speaks for the game ability to manage fear and the sense of dread without going for too much blood and gore. The music has been tastefully picked creating the right atmosphere for the thriller. So catch the new Alan Wake coming exclusively to the Xbox.