Hackers have been around since computers were invented. Some hackers are harmless but some may damage your computer completely.

What is a hacker?

A hacker is an individual that hacks out computer codes and creates various fake programs. While this is the true definition of the word, we have developed to define a hacker as a person who hacks into computer programs without permission. There are many reasons why people would do this. Some just want to better themselves and hack into systems in order to see how they work. In this way, hackers aim to learn about various systems which help them develop what they are working on. Many other hackers do it just for fun and to see how well they can get through programs. They see it as a challenge, and whenever a new program comes out they will try to hack it. Then there is a small group of hackers that have malicious intent, and also they aim to spread viruses.

How do they work?

Hackers use various methods to gain access to your systems. Some do this by logging keystrokes as by that they can keep track of any pressed key. This helps them to create their own username and passwords, as well as steal your confidential information like bank details and much more. Some hackers gain access by hacking the password as they use various hacking programs that will spew out a list of common passwords so they will simply try that. Many other hackers will have a specific algorithm and try every combination. Then there are those who simply guess until they get it right. In all cases it is just a matter of trial and error.

Which programs help them?

There are all sorts of programs that have been created to help hackers’ access computers. They can create programs that will search the computer for unprotected areas, and as a result create a back door access. This was easy in the past, as computers never had that much security. Then there are even specialized bots created to send spam or to deny the server that allows the hackers to control of your computer. Hackers are one step further and can now keep tabs on e-mails as now they are able to intercept it and read it through spyware.

Laws against hackers?

As you need to know, many countries file legal case against hackers who try to access any system. Countries like the USA have specific laws against them. They forbid the hacking into of any government system, even if they don’t intend on using or distributing the information. The punishment can vary from a fine to long term imprisonment.

It may be disturbing for many people to know that hackers are everywhere, but the good news is that only insignificant percentages of them are actually malicious. Furthermore there are laws and all sorts of software that you can install that will protect your computer and personal details.