Motorola has been pioneer for so many services and products, and company’s main vision has always been providing innovative and quality products to its consumers.

They have been developing eco friendly policies and product which will help to protect the Mother Nature as well.

Motorola has also entered into Smartphone market after understanding the popularity and usability of this field.

Market is flooding with users of Smartphone as it provides them the way to get connected with the friends and family members throughout the day from any part of the world using social networking web sites.

A recent research has revealed that most or internet user’s time is spent over social networking website.

Networking site is rage over internet, there are so many domains like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut which are providing such services.

Motorola is set to launch its new phone called Sage in the market, and though it is still in the testing phase, it has already been listed in the FCC filing.

FCC stands for Federal Communications Commission which was founded way back in 1934 and it is an independent US government agency. It covers the jurisdiction of 50 states in the USA and it cater o the regulating interest of global communication via television, radio, satellite, wire and cable.

It is mandatory for every mobile manufacturing company to get all their products tested and verified by FCC.

Motorola’s new handset, which is still to be launched in future, was reported of being tested at FCC and there is also news that this particular model of Motorola phone may be launched with AT&T network.

It is reported by FCC that the particular set will be able to connect to 7.2 Mbps HSDPA network and it will also be able to connect to 2 Mbps 3G network with same functionality and quality.

The phone will be launched with some great features and people are already speculating about what new features Motorola is going to provide with this new phone, however we are sure that the phone is coming with some previous built-in functionality of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Quadband EDGE.

The specification and recent report of FCC is indicating that  AT&T can be the service provide for this phone as it has all the features available, however there are also possibilities to move the service towards Bell and Rogers if it is launched in Canada.

The previous Motorola phones were launched with Verizon services and that has been very popular amongst masses as it has provided the wonderful services.

The Hopes are getting high day by day as more people are waiting for this product to be launched.

No matter which services provider comes with the new Motorola phone, the functions and look of the phone itself is so charming and alluring that people are going to create a rage to buy the first phone launched in the store.