Amazon has unveiled a new desktop application for its cloud storage service named Amazon Cloud Drive. The desktop app enables users to easily store and organize files and media directly from either desktop of their Windows-based computer system of Apple Mac PC.

Cloud storage made easy

With this Amazon desktop app, users can now easily upload their pictures, documents, video clips, and other important files, just by dragging and dropping them to the Amazon Cloud Drive icon.

The best thing about this new desktop app is that the user can continue to use his computer normally while the uploading is being carried out. The desktop app can even handle abrupt computer reboots and lost Internet connections without affecting the important media and documents.

According to Amazon, the Cloud Drive, which was launched last year, offers its users tiered levels, beginning with five gigabytes of free storage, or enough to hold about 1,000 songs or 2,000 photos. The cloud storage service can be extended up to 1,000 gigabytes, on a payment of US $20 to US $100 per annum.