AMD Global Telemedicine AMD is a Telemedicine Encounter Management Systems company (TEMS™) and the worldwide leading supplier of telemedicine technology, devices, and application software. AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc. offers the market’s preeminent diagnostic medical devices and Consult Encounter Management Software that is equipped with device management, case creation, work flow and archival. AMD has over 5,700 installations in 79 countries worldwide and it delivers solution design, turnkey installation, and training for telemedicine programs across the globe. AMD Global Telemedicine Inc. has now become the worldwide leader of telemedicine equipment and technology devices. AMD devices and consulting software products and applications offer solutions to the most hardest and challenging medical situations. The company AMD is also providing complete technical support in different technical fields. These fields do include different things like program design, device integration, training, and remedial service to assure a successful program implementation.

Working all over the world:

AMD Telemedicine, Inc. is also offering the medical organization throughout the world, variety of medical peripherals to support different types of physical assessment. AMD’s new generations of devices are now very helpful in the field of medicine. Web 2.0 applications like AMD’s AGNES are changing the way clinicians and doctors previously participate in the telemedicine activities. ADEN (AMD Dynamic Encounter Network) and AGNES’s Web 2.0 capabilities are fully focused on providing advantages to both doctor and clinician. The basic diagnostic devices are the AMD-2500 General Examination Camera, the AMD-ENT set, and the AMD electronic stethoscopes. In addition to the basic equipment to support an examination, AMD offer an assortment of medical devices to assist in telemedicine examination of the eye, heart, lungs, and abdomen such as the AMD Ophthalmoscope, AMD-5500 Laptop Based Ultrasound, and the AMD-3875 ECG, AMD Spiro meter. AMD Global Telemedicine’s AGNES Medical Gateway is a telemedicine device aggregation appliance responsible for gathering and distributing patient medical information in real time and independent of any video conferencing system network.

Transfer of data over secured networks:

AGNES runs under Windows with specialized medical device drivers and customized web services which allows the data to be sent and through secure and real time streaming. The streaming data can be rendered or seen through Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Air. Up till now this technology until now, has exclusively used videoconferencing equipments to enable doctors to see and hear patient diagnostic information generated by telemedical instruments. These technologies have now made the life easier for both the doctors and the patients, because this thing allows the doctors to see into the problem of the patients, even if they are mile and mile away from them. This has happened because of the use of device along with the Internet facility, which lets the both parties share the data and information in a manner through which everything happen in real-time.

People like this technology to get treatment:

Many people all around the world are getting this technology or this type of cure to instantly get rid of the problem they are facing. Also many doctors and clinicians are now operating people while sitting elsewhere, with the help of this Telemedicine technology of AMD.