The flaw in the Sandy Bridge chipset, if you remember, was discovered and reported sometime in January. The flaw as it is called Cougar Point chipset flaw was discovered and Intel withdrew the chipset from the market. The chipset flaw relates to how the chipset communicates with SATA devices be it SATA hard disk drive or optical device.

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is all set to hold an ad campaign based on the Intel Chipset flaw and try to attract partners into dealing with their products after the Cougar Point flaw. The ad campaign is going to kick off with a global advertising program and an online marketing campaign.  A Twitter based contest is also expected to run along with, over the next 8 to 10 weeks.

The ad campaign will take off on websites as and This will be matched with an online campaign for marketing the products that will also direct to the AMD website. The web page contains suggestive alternatives to Sandy Bridges parts, leading to a list of AMD processors and prices at online stores like, Best Buy etc. AMD will also engage end customers through their Twitter feed.

The Cougar Point chipsets were found to be defective in the month of January and repairs to the same have been made and Intel has begun sending replacements from February 12. However, the ad campaign is also a mode to make good some losses that Intel has allowed to its distributors.

With the launch of the ad campaign called ‘Ready, Willing and Stable’ is complimentary to AMD in that it promoted its products to replace the Cougar Point chipsets.

The global channel program of AMD reaches probable clients with their computer components. This campaign includes regional display advertising purchases on leading PC enthusiast sites and to generate customer awareness about the products that AMD specializes in.