Advanced Micro Devices or AMD as it is called, is a company providing innovative processors and other computer-related devices. The fusion of a CPU and a GPU is known as fusion technology on a single chip. The launch of the G-series platform is aimed at embedded systems.

An Accelerated Processing Unit is the fusion of a GPU with a CPU. A GPU is the Graphic Processing Unit and its fusion is with a traditional x86 CPU. A fusion chip incorporates the multi-core CPU with powerful discrete level graphics. This is the kind of technology that is being established by AMD. There is an open GL and CL constituted support in the integrated device. There is unparalleled graphics performance. The AMD G series processor is the world’s first APU that combines both the technologies on a single chip. It contains more computation power than any other enabling the computation of products like digital signage, set top boxes with Internet base, point of sale outlets, gaming machines for casinos, thin clients etc.

AMD helps to create products along with a supportive design team. The eco-system for the AMD G series platform includes supportive options for Microsoft Windows, Linux, as well as real time operating systems. It also includes a developer’s portal for embedded applications with customer based details of boards and complete systems. A small and flexible platform is available from the APU where designers and developers can develop products relating to the technology of the embedded series. According to a recent carbon footprint study, the APU is designed to curtail carbon emissions.