American Express, with the use of its all-new and newly developed Open Forum, was able to launch a new tool for search marketing for businesses that are relatively smaller than the average. This tool actually derives its power from Clickable and is given the name SearchManager.

Through the SearchManager, business owners are able to appropriately manage search campaigns that have already been paid for across:

  • Yahoo search marketing,
  • Microsoft AdCenter,
  • Google AdWords, and
  • Facebook ads from a particular dashboard.

According to the reports released by the representatives from Forrester Research, search advertising is one of the best tactics for interactive marketing. In fact, it is presently the most popular and most widely used. Experts even say that only in the coming four years, this venture could grow to as much as fifteen percent for each year that passes.

Google, alone, was able to accumulate nearly fifty four billion dollars for American-based business only, particularly in the year 2009. Some people are questioning that, if such information is true, then how come today’s owners of small businesses have not yet fully leveraged what search marketing can do?

Experts have stated that the small business monitors implemented by American Express found out that approximately three quarters of today’s online entrepreneurs are not spending the right amounts of money for search engine marketing.

Some business owners, only small time, have answered this, reiterating that the main purpose why they chose to avoid such tools was the opaqueness and complexity that are involved in such entrepreneurial endeavor. Most of today’s sellers have blatantly decided to avoid making use of PPC or pay-per-click tools for their ventures.

Although there are some who chose to try it out and dipped their toes in this venture, they oftentimes came out sad with highly disappointing results. In fact, according to the firm called Borrell Associates, nearly fifty percent of today’s small businesses that choose to pay for search ads oftentimes end up not coming back when the next year comes.

You do not have to worry about being scammed because; first of all, American Express is not a scammer at all. Secondly, the company is also offering its patrons with a trial period that can be availed all for free, and for as longs as thirty good days. This trial period is best for those who are greatly interested to experience what American Express has to offer, with regards to their small businesses.

The SearchManager has actually been purposely designed to house half a dozen ready-to-use user interfaces that you can easily utilize in order to give searching capabilities, absolutely royalty-free, within your own application of Microsoft Access. All you got to do is to contact a search interface from virtually any kind of form, for you to be able to filter the said form. Or, if not that, you can easily contact a search interface so that you can modify the row source for a certain combination or list box.