Intel bought a group of Bloggers from around USA this month for their annual upgrade event. This allows several bloggers to see what the microprocesing giant is working on. But this time they did not see the usual Core processors. There was something more interesting. This year Intel has been working on various different projects which are outside the world of Microprocessors.

Smart TVs

Some folks at Intel who have been behind the scenes till date developing a new breed of web connected Smart TV came forward to talk about how this will revolutionize the way we watch TV. They also describe why they got involved with the TVs in the first place. To everybody’s surprise, Intel has been working this project for 10 years.

Genevieve Bell, who is the director of User Experience within Intel’s digital Home group, has been studying people around the world and the way they watch TV for several years and learnt that most of the people love their TV s. The report suggests that some people even went to the extent of telling that their TV was better than chocolate. Many people say that TVs’ are very useful and watching TV tends to be social. It also seems that though most people watch TV on the Internet, they watch more on their regular televisions. In the United States alone, average time spent on watching TV is 17-20 hours/week. Bringing Netflix and YouTube to TV s has helped but they aren’t standardized and they have to be built seperately onto each device.

Google TV

Expected in this fall, Google TV is the first Smart TV that is about to be launched in the market with the collaboration of Intel, Google and several CE like Sony. Gogole TV combines the android OS with full chrome browser that we have on our PC. Sony and Logitech will be the first that will be bringing Google TV products to the US. These TV s will be powered by Intel Atom CE4100 processor. Intel representatives say that these are not the same Atom Processors that are built into Notebooks, but rather a one chip solution that was built from the ground up for consumer electronic devices.

Advantages of GoogleTV:

GoogleTV makes it very easy for the users to find content. GoogleTV’s search sifts through the TV listings ,the Internet content and the android applicataions. Other excellent features are a customized home page that offers access to the user’s favorite content. It also allows us to extend the functionality to other android applications.

Problems in implementation:

One big disadvantage of this plan is that it’s dependency on broadcast TV. The Intel representatives told that cable providers like Time Warner and Comcast will have to work with GoogleTV to make sure it’s compatible with the services. The cable providers are unlikely to adopt new technologies quickly. Many families have already been left down since the anolog to digital transition in the US.

Everybody would like to see GoogleTV come up but it should be independent of the broadcast TV so that it can work for every family that is fortunate enough to have an Internet connection.