With the broad increase of web we now find that all the web pages are not in English, the language recognized by most of us and we come across some web pages with unknown language which encumbers our work but Google has the solution for this situations. Google translate could enable the users with a utility to translate or transform one language to other, which will confirmly increase the multi lingual exchange and interaction. This feature also may be used in academic and social communication purpose.

Google Translate

Google translate is a free service provided by Google, the leading search engine. It translates languages as quickly as possible. For example you can ensure this by submitting an English news article and in seconds it will be translated into Spanish or any other language you wanted.

When you will begin operating this software first time you will believe that you have got the elucidation of your language translation problems which you will come across very soon by using it more than couple of time and you will be having a sense that all language barriers are frayed.

That’s the first perception you will get by this service. It’s a very helpful software for the regular translator and e-learner, because they need do their academic research in more than one language sometimes. News of any corner of the world can be translated and transmitted in preferred language with the aid of Google Translate.


This software is used by me approximately every day and I utilize it to be acquainted with what the rest of the world is thinking by translating news articles into English available in Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, and many others. This software also facilitates in statistical translation. This technique engages evaluating lots of phrases with their available translation.

In 2020

Google translate reader will be able to find clunkers and sequiturs as easily in two thousand twenty as today. It works as like a human and does not give any effect like artificial. The Google translate division is incessantly trying to advance it but still these are very little steps.“The trajectory we are on just doesn’t seem likely to reach artificial intelligence”, said Franz Josef Och, head of Google Translate.

This sort of services, software and performances has made computers very helpful but still they are faraway the dreams of the pioneers.

At last I will like to say that Google translate is the perfect solution for mitigating language and translation problems specially for me because I found it very easy to use and now I can just about visit every web page with ease either it is in Basque, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Estonian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish or any other language. So I will highly recommend this service for the web users who encounter such problems like me because I love this service.