The smartphone market has recently experienced a storm and this has been brought about by none other than Android. The percentage of market that is shred only by the single product Android is 26 percent in theUS. But the one thing that has really taken as the hottest product in this market is the tablets. There is new version that is soon going to hit the markets and it is the Android 3.0 version which has been exclusively designed in a manner that it works perfectly with the tablets. Users are anxiously waiting for this but they will have to wait for a few more days, the manufacturers say that they would be launching it somewhere in the first half of this New Year.

A promise that has been made the manufacturers is that Android 3.0 Honeycomb sweetens the pot for business users. Here we would share a few features of the Honeycomb. The very first one is for the business users. All the business users at every step need to prepare reports or draft emails. For all kind of documentation one needs to type for long. This type of tablet that has been designed especially is simply the best for the business users as with this one can connect a keyboard externally and this can be done with the help of Bluetooth as well as with the USB. The best advantage that one finds in tablet as compared to that one finds in a laptop is about the portability. The preview of the Honeycomb launched officially shows keys that are quiet large.

But the Swype tablet, which is at this time coming with Galaxy card, and many of the Android phones, be supporting? It is big test to type on the touch screens. People find it much easier to type with the help of keyboard rather than on the touch screens.

In addition to this the Android 3.0 Honeycomb sweetens the pot for a business user is capable of multitasking. This is advantageous for the business users a lot as then they would not have to carry more than one equipment or accessory for the task that can be performed with just one Andorid. The new version Android 3.0 can support multitasking with ipad as well as with android 2. The major cause of frustration for the business users is that though they are able to do multitasking on other devices but they are not able to view all the application they want at the same time or say even two properly.

But with the 7 – 10 inch screen of the Android this is very much possible and convenient. An0ther thing is that on other devices when more than one application is viewed there is a problem with the performance and one has to compromise. But here with the Android 3.0 version there is no issue for which one will have to ever compromise. With the android now the user would be facilitated to choose the applications that he wants to kill and also ones that he wants to be actively performed in the back ground.