Google needs to do a lot with respect to the OS in the next edition of the Android Honeycomb and bring it up in par with the OS of tablet OS space. This is an area where the Ginger Bread is not very good at so as a result the Honeycomb has to take up all the responsibility in order to define the future of the Android.

As the situation stands now we see that it is shaping up well for Google as it has just released the Android 3.0 SDK with a new features and there are also a lot of news applications that you can be proud of. This includes the new UI framework and large screen devices with tablet centric tweaks and also supports the multi core processor system. Also has top quality 3D and 2D graphics, HSP and Bluetooth A2DP. 

This is a feature that is appreciated by all and users want a new and improved version of the product every time a particular product gets old. This Android from the Honeycomb is a special one for the public as it promises a lot of new and improved features for the public. This is a new concept and people are using it like never before.

There are many attractive and the first thing that will catch your eye is the Honeycomb UI that stretches the system bar low enough at the bottom of large display and provides the global status info while the action bar at the top allows you to control the application. The browser is supported with multiple tab support systems which enables the full screen navigation along with Chrome bookmark syncing. It also supports the multi touch support for the java script and plugins and also the auto sign on feature in to the Google account.

The honeycomb also provides the customer of the enterprise with new and improved stuffs to fall in love with which includes the support for the encrypted storage, e mails and password expiration. These are features that are indeed great and can help the people to understand about the device a lot better and this is also a feature that can be of great help to the people.

As it stands now the features of the Honeycomb that is available is one that helps to ensure the latest features in the market and also helps to make sure this is ahead of the rest of the devices. There are many months yet that arte actually left before the people can get hold of this device and there are a lot of applications that a person can look into before the official release of the product. Until and less Google is getting a proper release date in place the entire aspect of the Android is not getting a firm footing to operate from.