Android is an open source product from Google. The present version of the Android operating system is based on the modified version of the much talked about Linux kernel. The history of the Android operating system began with the release of version 1.0 in September 2008. After that there were much advancements related to the operating system. The new versions typically fix bug and has other new added features.

Android is nothing but a mobile operating system developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. Android has given a new dimension to the phones of this age. Recently we came to know that Android has been affected by malicious applications. As soon as Google came to know about these, they identified them and removed it. Thought it couldn’t affect Android 2.2 versions and the versions above, it did affect the lower versions in which the vulnerabilities were known. The attackers couldn’t affect the device (in which they could penetrate) much. The only part of information that they could gather was the unique code each mobile has and could know the version of Android they were using. The other data couldn’t be traced or affected but the Android team took measures to remove the malicious application. The Android team has updated its security system so that the attackers are not able to trace any other information.

Android has also upgraded a few new features for its users’ benefits and all of them are successfully accepted by the users. Now Google is all set to launch its 3.0 version, the Honeycomb, which is optimized to work on tablets and other devices.