In today’s life mobile has become the basic need. As the scientific progress has made the life easy and we can move across with the whole world in our pocket. It has shortened the distances and now it’s easy for us to talk with each other where ever we are. Mobile industry is growing with a speedy pace. Daily there cones a new model of a company having a variety of features. As the basic purpose of a mobile phone was to connecting people but now the new stylish hand sets are having useful features from camera to WIFI. It’s great as you have not to carry a camera and computer separately with you and you can work on you handset.

The big companies like AOL and iphone are competing against each other by innovating new applications. Firstly Apple’s iphone gone very popular and liked by most of the people but now Android is making name in the mobile industry and Apple’s iPhone has dropped its thump in the smart phone marketplace, Google’s Android operating system sales are increasing like rocket.

AOL Release Android App

As Android a handsets powered by Google’s Android operating system is making its market rapidly and is cutting the share of its main competitor iphone. Android is recently most liked by Chinese community. So as Android has proved its importance different companies are also valuing it like AOL. AOL has recently introduced its software application for Android before iphone.

This AOL app gives trouble-free access to content on AOL’s nearly all admired sites, such as FanHouse, PopEater and Engadget. It hooks up speedily to AOL services, such as Mail and MapQest, in addition to a listing of links to each and every AOL apps for Android.

David Temkin, AOL’s new VP of mobile, said in a statement,” Android has emerged as a top-tier smartphone platform, So, while we’ll continue to focus on development for multiple mobile platforms, this time, we are releasing an early version of an app on Android first the AOL app.”

So the rising pin-up is followed by AOL in smart phone industry, its good that thee for iphone a competitor has emerged and now the customers will also have better and more choice than before.

Story behind Curtain

AOL has launched application for Android before iphone because Google has announced a survey report which shows 160,000 Android phones were being activated daily, which is tremendously extra than iPhone activations. According to a NPD Group firm research Android has grabbed 28% of US. Smart mobile market share and iphone stood at 21%. So AOL was inspired by these figures and has launched application for Android before.

AOL mobile site

AOL has designed a new mobile site specially to deliver new software applications for smart phones. The site also offers updates regarding location based contents such as weather, movies, traffic and many more. It is exclusively designed for smart phones and support HTML5.

AOL has also launched Daily finance application for both Android and iphone. It allows the users to get updates regarding stock market and the latest quote’s facility is also available in it.