According to a recent survey conducted by the North California State University, it has been found that libraries with in-application advertisements that come up with Android apps can prove fatal to the security of mobile phones.

The researchers said that sometimes this software go overboard and make connection with the Internet by fetching the required applications of the user. Dr, Xuxian Jiang and his team examined 10,000 apps from Google Play to disclose the fact that around 50 per cent of the apps can pose a security risk. These apps had libraries which are designed to track down the GPS location of the user. Some among them were also capable of passing the data back to the advertiser, while some of them can get hold of users’ phone numbers, call logs, and other apps used by them.

These apps are safe for the time being as their only motive is advertising. But according to the researchers, this method can pose as a lurking danger as the permission to install the app as do the ad libraries.
The danger is evident and can be prevented only if the permission rights are altered. The smartphone OS manufacturers also need to fill up the security holes to prevent unauthorized access of smartphones from malicious programs after downloading any app.